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Catalog of the ESOHP Collection, 1976-84
A listing of the oral history projects completed by COH (formerly ESOHP) from 1976 to 1984. June 1984, 89 pages, 1 volume.

Catalog of Oral History Collections in Hawai`i
A listing of 102 public and private oral history collections statewide. June 1982, 1075 pages, 1 volume.

Hanahana: An Oral History Anthology of Hawai`i’s Working People
A collection of life narratives based on twelve of COH’s oral history interviews. Featured are a plantation store employee, taro and rice farmer, airplane mechanic, boat builder, innkeeper, pineapple trimmer, storekeeper, homemaker, and sugar plantation workers. Published by COH and distributed by the University of Hawai`i Press. November 1984, 178 pages, photographs.

oral history bookletHow to Do Oral History
Step-by-step explanation of the oral history process, including interview preparation, recording, processing and preservation. Designed for organizations and individuals doing historical or genealogical research. Booklet: third edition, revised, 52 pages. Slide/tape on video: Beta, VHS, and 3/4 videotape, 13 minutes.

To order How to Do Oral History, send a check for US$6.00 (shipping included) made out to Research Corporation of the University of Hawai`i, care of the Center for Oral History, 2560 Campus Road, George Hall 212, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96822. For orders outside of the United States, please add US$1.00.

Master Index to the ESOHP Interviews, 1976-83
A standardized subject-heading index for nine COH (formerly ESOHP) projects. June 1984, 113 pages, 1 volume.

Oral History Recorder
The Oral History Recorder, newsletter of the Center for Oral History, is posted to the COH website in the Spring and Fall. It provides information on the activities of COH and others doing oral history research in Hawai`i.

Talking Hawai‘i’s Story: Oral Histories of an Island People
Talking Hawai‘i’s Story is the first major book in over a generation to present a rich sampling of the landmark work of the Center for Oral History. Twenty-nine extensive oral histories introduce readers to the sights and sounds of territorial Waikiki, to the feeling of community in Palama, in Kona, or on the island of Lana‘i, and even to the experience of a German national interned by the military government after Pearl Harbor. The result is a collection that preserves Hawai‘i’s social and cultural history through the narratives of the people who lived it—co-workers, neighbors, family members and friends. Published by the University of Hawai‘i Press for the UH Center for Oral History and Center for Biographical Research. May 2009, 328 pages, photographs.

Uchinanchu: A History of Okinawans in Hawai‘i
Uchinanchu is the term used by Okinawan immigrants and their descendants in Hawai‘i to identify themselves as an ethnic group distinct from the Naichi of mainland Japan. Though Japanese, linguistic and cultural differences as well as their late arrival in the islands made the Uchinanchu targets of Naichi prejudice in the past. Pressure from without and determination from within the group caused Hawai‘i’s Uchinanchu to pull together with pride in the face of adversity. In this book, eighty- and ninety-year-old issei, first-generation immigrants, describe through interviews what it was like to pull up roots in their homeland and make new lives in the islands. The story of the gradual development and progress of the Okinawan community is unfolded through articles on labor, religion, culture, business, agriculture, government, son (village) clubs, and community-wide organizations. Published by the UH Center for Oral History and Hawai‘i United Okinawa Association. Distributed by UH Press. Third printing: September 2009, 664 pages, photographs.

You’ll find COH catalogs, indexes, books, booklets, and newsletters at Hawai`i State Regional Libraries, University of Hawai`i system libraries, Hawai`i State Archives, and at COH. In-print books are also available at the UH Press, UH Bookstore and other large bookstores.


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